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Arboriculture/Tree surgery 

We offer a full range of tree care, from tree removal to planting.   All Colwood Land Care staff are highly trained, fully quilified and insured arborists who take great pride in the work they carry out.


Tree work carried out by Colwood Land Care is carried out to BS3998 Recommendations for tree work 2015.

If the trees are in a conservation Area or protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) consent from the local planning authority will need to be sought prior to commencing works. We can help with this process and apply for the necessary consent if required.

We offer the full range of Arboricultural Services for both domestic and commercial tree work clients, these are completed to the highest standard by our teams of qualified tree surgeons.



Did you know that properly pruned trees live longer and retain a pleasing, natural appearance?

Tree pruning reduces the possibility of damage from high winds. Tree pruning also removes unhealthy or dangerous limbs that can easily fail in severe weather and allows more sunlight to reach through the canopy.

While maintenance pruning of most shade trees can be done anytime, certain species should be pruned at specific times of the year.

Services include.


Tree dismantle.

Tree reductions, Crown thinning, Crown Lifting, pruning, pollarding, deadwooding.

Cobra bracing.

Site clearance.

Tree planting.


We are specialists in large dangerous tree removals, with the use of top of the range rigging equipment we are able to carfully and safley dismantle any tree.


Stump Grinding. 

We cater for Commercial and Residential clients.  If you are looking for anything from small to large multiple stumps to be removed we are happy to be of hand.

Stumps that have been left from previous work can be unsightly and be in the way of future plans in the garden.  If you would like us to remove the stump for you please contact us to give you a quote. If you would like a stump removed after a tree has been dismanted by us, we can cater for this as well.


We offer two machines to be able to deal with any size stump or location.  

  • Our narrow access Predator 28 can fit through gate way at only 670mm wide

  • Carlton 7050trx is our large machine capable of carrying out the removal of large stumps all day long. 


The by-product of grinding the stumps can be used as a mulch or removed if required.


Colwood tree consultancy.

We offer arborist reports with our quilified tree consulatancy team.

Our quilified and insured consulant can offer advice and a comprehensive written report.

Our quilifed consulant can provide surveys of the:

Tree health & saftey.

Recommended work to be carried out.

Decay detection with the use of resistograpghs.

Applications for work to be carried out in TPO (Tree Preservation Orders) Conservation areas.

Mortage reports for house buyers.

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