James Williams-Fuller is one of the joint owners of Colwood Land Care.  As a professional Aborist James has been in the industary for a number of years.  James also enjoys the outdoors and can be found in the mountains skiing or Kayaking.

Ian Lodder is the other joint owner of Colwood Land Care.  Also a professional Aborist he is the other driving force behind the company.

When Ian is not working weekends, he is quite often found out at sea on his boat sailing.

Phillip Holloway has been with Colwood Land Care since the start.  Providing exspertise in Horticulture & Hard landscaping he brings diversifaction to the team.  Philip also enjoys photograpghy.

George Frame is Colwood Land Cares Irish tree consultant.  With a wealth of knowledge in Arborculture, he is a walking bible for the team.

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