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Working safe with Dangerous trees

A lot of the time the reasons for trees being removed is due to safety reasons to property or potentially life if within the proximity. Trees like people pick up problems with their health over there years, some times this is because of human interference damaging roots or limbs other times it is unfortunate and for a number of reasons has picked up a fungus leadings to compromised roots or the stem of the tree. There is also storm damage with extreme weather compromising the integrity of the tree.

When attending these trees not only do we have to consider protecting your property from any new damage but we need to make sure those working on the tree are working in the safest way possible we can put them in.

We are lucky enough to have a 25 meter Spider Cherry Picker which is on tracks which allows us to access most trees we attend. This allows us to put a person up into the tree without their weight being added to what might be an already over loaded tree waiting to fall over.

We recently got brought in to help another tree firm with this Pine tree which had split at the base and was hanging into another tree.

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